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Click on each current conditions field/activity and find updated info about Zion; Canyoneering, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing and Mountain Biking Conditions.

Please view the National Weather Service site for weather reports, flash flood warnings, and radar information.

Zion NP Site also has helpful information for the backcountry along with average temperatures and descriptions of our four seasons.

With its base at 4,ooo ft and it high point of 9.000 ft, Zion can have mixed conditions depending on the time of year. Check in before you plan your trip.

Ice Climbing and Kayaking

Route/Area: Status: Comments:
Ice Climbing None This has been a very warm winter so far.
Kayaking low Boating season is over, get out your innertube.

Zion Rock Climbing Conditions

Route/Area: Cliff Closure: Comments:
Touchstone Open Mourning sun and afternoon shade
Spaceshot Open Moutning sun afternoon shade
Moonlight Buttress Open Mourning shade afternoon sun
Prodigal Sun Open Shade all day
Angel’s Landing Open Lots of shade on all but NE Buttress route
East Temple Open Afternoon sun
Tricks of the Trade Open Lots of sun
Headache Open PM Shade
Ashtar Command Open PM Shade
Cerberus Gendarme Open Sun until 3
Leaning Wall Open Afternoon sun
Cragmont Open All day shade
Confluence Open Afternoon sun
Tunnel Wall Open All day shade.
Kolob Fingers Open Snow on ground

Zion Canyoneering Conditions

Canyon: Status: Permits Per Day: Cold Water: Longest Rappel: Comments:
The Narrows (the top) Open 50 Yes N/A Some Swims
Subway Open 80 Yes 30 ft Cold Water
Keyhole Open 80 Yes 60 ft Some Water
Pine Creek Open 50 Yes 100 ft Some Water
Mystery Open 12 Yes 120 ft Wetsuits for spring and fall
Spry Open 12 None 165 ft Little Water
Heaps Open 20 Yes 280 ft Thick wetsuits or dry suits.
Imlay Open 20 Yes 175 Thick wetsuits and drysuits.
Kolob Check 12 Yes 165 Contact: 435 673 3617
Behunin Open 12 Yes 165 ft
Echo Open 12 Yes 30 ft Wetsuits required
Orderville Open 50 Yes 15 ft Some Water
Englestead Open 12 Yes 300 ft

Zion Hiking Conditions

Hike: Status: Filterable Water: Backcountry Camping: Comments:
The Narrows (The top) Open Yes Yes Closes @ 120 cfs
Angel’s Landing Open No No Look for Condors
Emerald Pools Open No No
West Rim Open Yes Yes Springs Available
Coal Pits Open Yes Yes
La Verkin Creek Open Undefined Some water crossings
Hop Valley Open No Yes Sandy
The Subway (the bottom) Open Yes No Some Water
Chinle Open No Yes Undefined
East Rim Open Yes Yes @ large 1 Spring
Observation Point Open No No Undefined
Wildcat Canyon Open Yes Yes @ large Undefined
Left Fork Trail Open Yes No Undefined
Grapevine Open Yes No Undefined
Right Fork Trail Open Yes Yes as a canyon Undefined
Canyon Overlook Open No No Short hike, good sunsets
Watchman Open No No Muddy
La Verkin Creek Open Yes Yes sites
Taylor Creek Open No No Nice and Shady
Connector-W.Rim Open Yes 3 Undefined Undefined

Zion Mountain Biking Conditions

Trail/Area: Roads: High Clearance Car: Water Avail? Comments:
Gooseberry Rutted Recommended No great riding
JEM/Hurricane Good Not needed No Nice conditions
Thunder Mtn. Good Not needed No Done for season
Brian Head Good Not Needed No Done for season
St. George Area Good Depends on trail No Decent conditions