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Zion Top-Rope Rock Climbing Course

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Zion National Park and the surrounding Southern Utah and St. George areas comprise a diverse rock climbing mecca.  Thousands of climbs at varying locations provide amazing year round rock climbing of all styles, lengths, and difficulties.  It is a perfect place to take a rock climbing course and build upon your skills and experience. At Zion Mountain School we provide a range of instructional rock climbing courses that are suited for climbers of all levels and abilities.

Christine and her son Brian came to Zion to take our Top Rope Rock Climbing Course.

Getting ready to climb. Click to enlarge










Christine and Brian has some experience rock climbing in a gym and some climbing outdoors.  They were interested in learning the skills needed to safely climb on their own outside.




Brian getting belayed by mom. click to enlarge














This two day course is for the climber with basic climbing and belaying skills looking to learn the skills needed to safely top rope climb




Throwing the rappel rope. Click to enlarge










Brian and Christine got lots of experience setting up anchors on climbing routes and then getting climb on them.




Putting their heads together. Click to enalrge










We visit different climbing sites in the area for more variety and hands on learning opportunities.  This course gives you the opportunity to get a lot of practice and experience under the guidance of a professional instructor.




Rappelling down to climb. Click to enlarge









After the top rope course Brian took our 2 day Lead Climbing Course and then visited some of the local rock climbing areas to climb with his mom.




Enjoying a fun climb. Click to enlarge


Teresa’s First Multi-pitch Rock Climb

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Broni and Teresa atop the second pitch.









I first met Broni last year on a full day climbing trip. The Zion bug got into him, and decided to come back and get some more of the sweet desert sandstone. This time around, he brought Teresa. Teresa has never done a multi-pitch climb before and was both excited and anxious to give it a go.

Teresa on the 2nd Pitch.









The goal was a 5 pitch route called The Barbarian, a fun mixed bolted and crack climb that is great for beginner and intermediate climbers alike. With perfect ledges good rock, and just enough exposure, it allows for an enjoyable day.

Broni and Teresa on the Summit









After rappelling back down the route, we had enough time to climb the first pitch of Living on the Edge 5.10. This is a pretty wild route that climbs to the right of a rather larger left-leaning dihedral corner. This aspect gives you some wild exposure the whole route.

After our climbing was done we caught up over a refreshing beverage. Its always a pleasure to climb up high with new and old friends.





Weekend Rally Package

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

This 2 Day Package is designed for people looking to rally in the Zion area. Pick & Choose any two full day activities: Canyoneering, Rock Climbing and/or Mountain Biking.

We guide individuals of all levels and abilities. Whether its your first time experiencing these outdoor sports, or you are a dedicated weekend warrior to these activities, we look forward to showing you the beauty of the southwest while teaching you new skills and techniques for each discipline.


  • Day 1- Full Day of Canyoneering
  • Day 2- Full Day of Climbing or Mountain Biking or Hiking the Narrows

This Package Includes:


  • Daily Breakfast & Lunch
  • One Dinner
  • Private trip with Personal & Professional Guide
  • All technical equipment needed for all sports
  • The latest full-suspension mountain bikes
  • Transportation to and from sites

2 Person Minimum


Additional Options

  • Bed & Breakfast option
  • 1 Day Spa option