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Zion is a Big Wall climbing mecca.  While its cliffs don’t quite reach as tall as those in Yosemite, the sheer volume of high quality climbable rock is unrivaled.

This is a custom trip for people with previous climbing experience looking to climb 1,000 feet of beautiful crimson sandstone. ZMS is currently the only guide service in the area offering Big Wall climbing trips.

Our guides have extensive experience climbing and establishing the Big Walls of Zion, as well as the professional training to make your climb safe, comfortable and fun.

On this trip we will get an opportunity to climb a Grade IV or Grade V Big Wall. We customize all of our guided Big Wall trips based on clients’ previous experiences and current abilities.

Presently, we guide a 2 Day Big Wall and a 3 Day Big Wall trip. The 3 Day Big Wall trip includes a 1 Day Comprehensive Ground School and 2 days on the wall. This is ideal for those who have past climbing experiences, but would like a refresher and introduction to current Big Wall methods.

The 2 Day Big Wall trip is suited for those who have a solid Big Wall climbing background and are seeking only 2 days on the Wall.

ZMS provides all technical climbing equipment for our Big Wall trips but encourages clients to bring their own comfortable harness and sleeping bag.

Previous experience and/or ground school required prior to trip.

Ratio 1:1


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Price Details

# of Days Price
2 $975
3 $1350


Supertopo is currently working on a new instructional big wall book.  It is currently available to view for free online here, and is a great resource and learning tool that we will be utilizing in our big wall courses. This is also a good refresher for those doing a guided big wall trip.