ZMS employs both highly accomplished and professionally trained local guides & instructors. Our instructors teach; Big Wall Climbing courses, Ice Climbing courses, to beginner and advanced Canyoneering courses. These diverse proficiencies enable us to be the leading instructional school in Southern Utah and the Zion National Park area.

Our instructors have extensive experience teaching people the necessary skills and knowledge required to safely and efficiently navigate these canyons. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences with others so they can safely explore the beautiful slot canyons found in Zion National Park and Southern Utah areas.

We have a wide range of canyoneering courses that are designed for a variety of individuals with varying experience levels and objectives. A canyoneering class is a great way to increase your skills and knowledge.

We customize all of our courses and trips, in order to ensure that we  meet our clients’ goals and objectives.

One Day Basic

Two Day Basic

Three Day Basic

Two Day Intermediate

Three Day Advanced